We offer finest quality in wheat from India. We provide 2 types of wheat
1. Flour mill quality
2. Machine clean quality

packing:- As per requirement.
Maize is one of the most important cereal crops in India. It is also known as corn in international market. India is one of the big producer and exporter of maize to the international market.
Maize is mainly used in India and other counties of the world in poultry / animal feed and for human consumption also.
Also available is high variety sortexed quality maize for human consumption.

Packing:- as per requirement.
We offer green Indian millet which in known as Bajra or Bajri. We supply human consumption quality as well as for animal feed.

Packing as per requirement.
Basmati and non- Basmati Rice
We supply Indian Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice.
1. Basmati 1121 Sela long rice,
2. Indian Non-Basmati IR quality long rice. 5 % broken

Packing as per requirement.